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Bacteria are grown on a gel plate. As they divide, billions of bacteria form clear, round colonies, although a single bacterium cannot be seen by naked eye.
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Bacteria produce different proteins naturally. With our technology, it is easy to get them to make a desired product. In this simulation, our bacteria produce proteins that glow red, blue or green color. Thus, one can see which of our three "channels" is currently on.
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Our bacteria are controlled by two different colors of lights. Blue light is used to "switch the channel", that is, to choose between different products. Red light is used as a "volume switch" that tunes the overall amount of production. This can be seen as the brightness of glow.
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When you click on the plate, you can see a graph of different protein production levels inside the bacteria. Here, you can see how even small changes in light brightness affects the overall production, and how you can set the final amounts to desired levels.
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